QPARK Parking Management System

We offer an innovative, technological solution suitable for any car parking management

The simple and user freindly operation helps parking lot operators to save manpower costs and maximize data utilization from the parking facility

Our secure Internet platform based system, is designed to enable wide control command and overall management of all the vehicles in the parking lot.

Highly convenient and accessibility allows authorized users to log on from any location arround the clock – home, office, operating center or one’s smartphone

fully modular system

Real-time statistics

Payment receipt by various means

Full automation, 24/7/365

Interfaces with automated payment stations

Auto payments control

Subscribers/fixed customers module:

  • Customer management – including subscription information, setting up subscription information, associating subscriber vehicles with membership, special rate assignment to subscribers
  • Customers’ vehicles management (option of up to two alternative vehicles)
  • Subscriber price lists and price/payment plans management
  • Special rates implementation option

Guest module (for car park management and customers’ use):

  • Ability to invite guests – on the customer’s expense as part of a customer’s program (for example parking validation by surrounding businesses)
  • Simple interface to allow for-coming guests entrance permit ordering
  • Interface allowing customer to authorize guests upon entrance (or after)

Customer billing

  • Income reports
  • Payment tracking
  • Subscriber invoicing
  • Customer payments management (due and owed)

Parking control

  • Real-time vehicular traffic management and control on the parking lot
  • Vehicle’s entrances and exits history
  • Details logs like: traffic by date, subscription, occurrences, and more
  • Unauthorized vehicles control
  • Graphic display according to different segments


  • Ability to track casual users (i.e. non-subscribers)
  • Price list management
  • Presentation of traffic/usage patterns
  • Open issues reports
  • Income statement according to different categories


  • Vehicle traffic report
  • Guests report (invited guests)
  • Guest deviation report (guests who exceeded their permitted time)
  • Financial reports (revenue per customer: casual, subscribers, guests, and more)
  • Occupancy report (according to time windows and per customer)

Special needs people support 

  • Interface for disabled vehicles automatic recognition (updated with information from the transportation authorities)
  • Special rate according to local laws and regulations (ex. first three hours free)

Application for the parking attendant (terminal-based)

  • One touch gate openning
  • Vehicle check
  • Payments receipts
  • Receipts Production
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