Q.I.S specializes in design and development of creative and innovative computerized information and database and optimization systems.

QIS offer’s solutions in the fields of municipal operations and controls, transportation planning, controlling and management, data processing and process management integrated with in-process quality assurance and control.

The mission of the QIS is to support its clients in achieving their organizational business goals by providing the right technology and the expertise to develop a robust, high quality solution.

QIS expertise includes vast knowledge in high performance processing of large sums of data into viable information and storage in large databases for fast, on-demand retrieval.

QIS using the latest development tools and standards from such industry leading companies as Microsoft, Oracle and  we follow industry development and quality assurance methodologies and standards.

In addition, our company develops data-driven internet and intranet and mobile applications, using the latest fixed and wireless communication and security standards.

System & software  modules are customized individually to suit customer needs.

Technology tools and media used by advanced QIS data transfer allows the reduction of costs by creating a secure network. Our customers benefit from online support and maintenance. All the data that is used by clients is secure and encrypted. Advanced systems for synchronization between different database systems and mobility, immobility and internet executives. Access to databases and government sectors

As part of the specialized solutions we provides secure interface to credit card companies (payment over the internet, Interactive Voice Response €“ IVR), local and remote data integration and synchronization over various communication mediums (cellular, WLAN, internet) including synchronization from remote mobile devices.